Packawhallop is a Portland, Maine based hosting and web products company serving small and medium sized businesses, non-profits, artists and entrepreneurs.

About Packawhallop

Jim Cradock of Yellahoose and John Cradock of Complete Technology Partners are the proprietors. Together Jim and John have more than 20 years (and counting) experience developing software and hosting large and small, simple and complex web sites, and providing great solutions to customers.

Packawhallop Web Products

Filetrunk is a Packawhallop product Filetrunk by Packawhallop.
Packawhallop's web products, FileTrunk, BluePrint, …more are coming soon…, are built to make our customers' lives (their working ones, anyway) easier. We don't believe you need to register for an account, even if it's free, or learn HTML to make the most of the web. Our web products are simple and powerful, and they put you in control of your stuff.